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Database of Important Calendar Dates for Social Media

Nowadays, there’s a day for everything. Valentine’s. Father’s & Mother’s. Chocolate. Kissing. Pizza. Come to work in pajamas. Pretend to be a dinosaur. You name it.

Predictable events like these are a good opportunity for small brands to post relevant & relatable topical content, leveraging the hashtags that are trending at that time.

Provided your post is witty & relevant to your product without being offensive, this sort of timely content gives you free eyeballs. It also serves as a recall/reminder for the customers who feel like you are living their lives along with them, celebrating their moments together.

To see real-life examples, you can follow Social Samosa or Mad Over Marketing, which aggregate the best posts done by brands on such events.

To help you plan content for these days in advance, I’ve compiled a massive database of important calendar dates you need to watch out for. This not only includes international celebrations but also celebrity birthdays, movie anniversaries, or any other recurring yearly event that people are sure to be talking about online.

Access my complete & regularly updated Jotform database here or preview it below.

So that was my list of important calendar events that social media admins & marketers should make a note of while planning their content for the month.

Did I miss any important dates? Which days do you regularly post on?

Let me know your thoughts & ideas in the comments below.

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