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250+ Marketing Terms & Concepts, Explained

Marketing is a never-ending rabbit hole. The longer you work in this field, the more you realize how much knowledge there’s still to gain.

But if your fundamentals are solid, you’ll manage to survive, no matter how complicated or technical things get.

So here’s a dummy-friendly digital marketing dictionary for aspiring students and veterans who want to refresh their basics.

Even if you’re from another department and domain, this list will help you understand what your colleagues do and where their priorities lie.

That knowledge, in turn, will make communicating and collaborating with brand nerds like me much easier!

Consider this a crash course on marketing and its several branches, such as design, copywriting, UI/UX, web development, social media management, video production, SEO, advertising, media buying, psychological & consumer research, business analytics, etc.

If marketing is a language, these terms are your ABCs – you’ll hear marketers use them every other day.

Access my complete & updated database of 250+ terms here.

If you’d like us to add a new term to this list, just leave a comment below.

Happy learning!

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